Frequently Asked Questions

How Does BitBulls Work?

You load funds with Bitcoin to your BitBulls online wallet. You can then use those funds to trade stocks, currencies and commodities through our online trading platform.

How Secure is BitBulls?

Our website is ultra-secure and locked down. We can't discuss security measures, but your funds are 100% safe in your BitBulls wallet, and we have taken every possible measure to prevent hacker intrusion.

What Are Your Transaction Limits?

No limits.

What Are Your Fees?

Fees vary for various trading transactions, so please check the client area.

Can I Make a Lot of Money Speculating?

Yes, you can.

Can I Lose a Lot of Money Speculating?

Yes, you can.

If I Make Money, Do I Have to Pay Taxes?

That's up to you. For Americans, the legal answer is definitely yes. For internationals, it will depend on your country. However, we DO NOT report your earnings to any government agency whatsoever. In fact, you can trade completely anonymously, as you we do not require any personal information to create your account.

How Can I Sign Up?

Click here to register

Can Anyone Sign Up?


Is BitBulls Available In All Countries?


I Forgot My Password and/or Username. Can You Help?

email [email protected]

What is Bitcoin Speculation?

Bitcoin speculation essentially means buying and selling speculative investments ranging from securities (stocks) to commodities to currencies using Bitcoin.

How Many Confirmations Are Required for Deposts?


Can I Deposit and Withdraw Funds Automatically?

Deposits are automatic and withdrawals are automatic up to a certain limit (at which point we manually approve them, but they are still processed very fast, usually within four hours)

Do You Collect Personal Data?

No, we do not collect personally identifiable information

Do You Retain IP Logs?


Is Your Website TOR Compatible?


Do You Retain Transaction Histories?

Only of the amounts sent and received.

Do You Require ID or Documents to Use Your Service?